100% Cotton face mask Kantha Work Hand Embroidery designer – Grey


A fashionable hand Embroidered mask that is perfect for your any occasion. The Embroidery style is Kantha Work and it is an item to show off in your social gatherings.

Kantha work is embroidery on used or discarded apparel, transforming them into extraordinarily renewed creations with extended life. A unique traditional art from Murshidabad, Kantha Work is embroidery work done on old sarees, dhotis and other apparel, is popular and is practised in Bengal, especially in Bholpur, and Bihar. It consists generally a running stitch on the sarees in the form of motifs such as animals, birds, flowers, simple geometrical shapes and scenes from everyday life.

All our products are made keeping in mind re-usability, comfort and protection. Our mask are manufactured by a team of in-house textile designers using the finest natural yarns. This face mask is fashionable for both men and women. There are different colors & designs for your options to use for different scenes or occasions. You can use it at the home, office or in public, etc.


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