Authentic Jamdani Saree from Bangladesh – Green


Authentic Jamdani saree sourced directly from the master weavers of Bangladesh. Every element of this saree is made with hand.

100% authentic and hand woven.

At the heart of Jamdani’s mystic is its distinctive weaving technique, a method that intricately combines the richness of motifs with the sheer finesse of the fabric. Unlike embroidery or printed designs, Jamdani motifs are woven directly on the loom, employing a sophisticated discontinuous weft technique. This method allows for the creation of intricate patterns that seem to float on a shimmering, transparent background, giving Jamdani its characteristic ethereal quality.

Jamdani weaving is a labor of love, demanding not only artistic skill but also an intimate connection between the weaver and their loom. This exhibition highlights the traditional collaborative approach to Jamdani weaving, where a master weaver and an apprentice work in tandem, their synchronized efforts breathing life into the fabric.

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