Original Kalighat Pattachitra Ganesh Janani Durga by Uttam Chitrakar


Pattachitra or Patachitra is a form of visual storytelling is form of traditional Indian art that has been practiced in the Indian state of West Bengal for centuries. Painters known as Chitrakars slowly unfurl their stories while singing them, often using natural colors from fruit and flower sources to paint bold strokes with simple lines on long scrolls called pater Gaans (long songs). One aspect unique about this tradition are its themes; they can include anything ranging across mythological tales all way up through social issues like poverty alleviation efforts or environmental protection policy proposals!

What makes Bengal Patachitra different from other forms of traditional paintings is the song (Pater Gaan) associated with it. The songs are composed by patuas themselves before their painting begins, and follow both old or new lyrics that bring out more life in each person’s story being told on paper scrolls alike!

The range and variety of colors in nature is amazing. Since all the colors are natural, Saffron can be made from Geru Pathar stone, yellow ochre comes from Holud patharkites/clay stones. White has been created using Khorimati leaves.  Black obtained through soot called Bhushokali. Green shades offered by Simpata plant life purple achieved when dried etc.

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